GCW is of Hungarian descent & her education was French.

She trained as a Set & Costume designer and worked continuously in Opera, Theatre and Dance enjoying the collaborative process and the ephemeral nature of the work,  in contrast to which several of her designs were revived year after year.


She has always drawn or painted on whatever surface available - but more recently mostly on large & small scale canvases.  She likes the medium of acrylic for the speed and energy it requires. 


She is Inspired by a variety of sources : travel,  (mostly enjoyed in a 1930 car),  cosmology, music and  the wonders of the earth


her canvases show a fluid combining of colour to create depths into which the onlooker plunges.

She is also very keen on re-interpretation, the viewer making the work their own. It is a key element to her works.  each individual bringing their unique emotional and cerebral reaction to the canvases. engendering new insights and discussion, which in turn is inspirational.


Some canvases however, show a nuance, or nod to ‘Realisms’ mostly with a philosophical idea in mind, but still with the intent of open re-interpretations giving rise to debate.


The World is our cosmos

The Cosmos our world

Yet I drift along the road

Looking but not seeing

Until the Universe opens

it’s doors

To walk through in wonder

To then grab the stars 

To dream

To connect, To join the dots

To Feel

To Doubt

The canvas beckons

The adventure begins

The path is there to follow.

Gabriella Csanyi-Wills